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The Franklin Cover-Up

How do you think the American public would feel about our government if they realized that they are concealing and covering up the fact that high level officials are involved with the ritualistic murder and prostitution of children?
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Judge awards victim $1,000,000 in compensatory damages to Paul Bonacci, victim of sex abuse cover-up by government officials. Learn more here.

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Image"No New Taxes?"

We can't talk about taxes without talking about spending. Our government has grown from leaps and bounds of what is it was, and from what the founders allowed in the Constitution. And now, our government has run amuck, is an empire with bases in 130 countries, is $10 Trillion in debt, always at war, hated around the world, and it's own people can't afford basic necessities. All empires fall and America will soon if we don't stop!

If the size of the federal government was shrunk down to what it was just one decade ago, to 1998 levels, it would equal the revenues raised from the personal income tax. We could thus abolish the need for a tax on the American people's labor completely. That would be a nice "stimulus" package - how much do you pay in income taxes per year? What is that compared to joke of a refund of $300 or $600 President Bush sent back to many Americans. Many argue that the income tax is Unconstitutional and there is no law to pay income taxes, and some refuse to pay. Many people still get in trouble with the IRS, which is one of the worst fears of any American. When our candidates get into office, one of the first things we will do is shut down the IRS and free every American from any supposed obligations to pay a tax on their labor.

Also, there seems to be at least one tax researcher who seems to have "Cracked the Code" on the method many have used to supposedly follow the law and have the IRS recognize your right to be a "non-taxpayer" - that is, if your work is not connected to the federal government, you owe no taxes. They claim that everyone who has read their book and played by their rules, has been squeeky clean, not payed taxes since, and have even gotten refunds from income taxes paid for up to three years prior - including on (optional) social security, medicare, and medicaid. We offer this for informational purposes only and do not advocate anyone use this or any other method to not pay taxes.

We could totally eliminate the personal income tax obligations of all Americans simply by eliminating the interest payments to the Federal Reserve and took control over our own currency.

The main problem here is the Federal Reserve Bank. Since 1913, when our government borrows money from this private corporation, we immediate are owing interest on that money. We are now $10 Trillion in debt, and from the time of the Fed, the purchasing power of our money has reduced - every dollar is now worth about four cents. As each day passes, and our government borrows more and more, it is worth even less and less. Thus, the Federal Reserve System mandates an "inflation tax" be put upon the American people. The key to solving our economic issues is to abolish the Fed. Every President who has opposed a central bank so has been assasignated or attempted. President John F Kennedy was shot just six days after abolishing the fed with an executive order.

Our government also spends Trillions on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons than destroy the earth 100 times over. We then sell it to other countries like Iran and North Korea, then saying they are terrorists and we need to invade them. We have no need for this.

Each year, the Pentagon can not account for Trillions of dollars of it's budget. Americans should ponder if it's a "coincidence", year after year, or if they aren't keeping a record of what they spend much of our money on for a reason? The fact of the matter is - they spend it on anything from anti-proton weaponry, underground bases, and filling secret bank accounts.

The day before 9-11-2001, Donald Rumsfeld announces $2.3 Trillion "missing" from Pentagon:

With that all said, our policies for economic sanity would revolutionize the standard of living and way of life for America. Americans cringing over "high taxes" will be a thing of the past if we were running the show.

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government

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-Recind all Executive Orders
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