The Franklin Cover-Up

How do you think the American public would feel about our government if they realized that they are concealing and covering up the fact that high level officials are involved with the ritualistic murder and prostitution of children?
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On a level few can comprehend, madmen have positioned nuclear, chemical, biological, and other insane weapons all around the world!!

The election process is a farce, there is no freedom, only perceived freedom, we are all slaves to an evil and secret society with deep affiliations to the oil, drug, and weapons cartels.

The government is definitely afraid of the people rising up and taking back what is rightfully theirs!!

Remember - there are over 6,000,000,000 people on the world, of which less than 3000 control everything. What if we all came together under the right leadership? Then the secret societies wouldn't stand a chance!

There are also natural remedies to many of the diseases that mainstream medicine says "can't" be cured. This e-book contains some of these natural remedies that will help in maintaining your health within this satanic regime.

Donations of $35 or more a downloadable copy of our Book outlining solutions to the issues plaguing our world,


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Total Energy Independence

Does "FREE Energy" Already Exist?

It's 2012; we've sent satellites
to Pluto and back. Why are we
 still burning dinosaur meat?


Watch this video of Troy Reed: Inventor of the Troy Reed Electro-magnetic engine motor.

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Do you know about how our species treats other animals? Watch this moving and life changing video to learn more:

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Download Operation

Unclassified Document
US Government Plan to
Hijack Planes, Kill
Americans, And Use False
Terror Attack As Basis
For Invasion of Cuba!


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