ImageMy name is John Nicholson. I have been a resident of Long Island, New York for over forty years. I am of Greek descent. My family emigrated here about fifty years ago to avoid the horrors of a civil war.

My uncle was in the Greek Air Force and was ordered to fire upon the ship that my father was assigned to as Chief Engineer. Coincidentally, the ship was one of the three vessels used in the Philadelphia experiment back in 1943, sold to Greece, and renamed before being put into service.

Letters from Colleagues of John Nicholson

My father was part of the Greek resistance. In one of the ultimate tests of loyalty and insanity, a tyrannical government (much like what we have here in the US only more overt) had ordered brother to kill brother.

I went to a rather exclusive private school called St. Andrews Academy in Beechurst, Long Island. My 1969 year book has pictures of key staff with Lyndon Johnson, the former interim President after the JFK assassination, at a social function. It was a great experience on many levels, and there was much good will amongst the teachers, staff, and students.

When my family moved to Long Island in 1975, I attended "public schools" from that point. Everything changed. The lie began to reveal itself. From a consciousness that invokes thought, to “remember the lie and pass the test”. I began to ponder the end result of a society rewarded by living and remembering a lie. This must change.

From 1980 to 1982 I attended a local community college, where other than a marketing and English class, I learned little if anything on how to help make the world a better place. The same also applies to elite colleges where the "enhanced" entrepreneurial spirit, encourages those that attend to help destroy the Earth faster and with greater financial profit and lethality. This is insane at best.

I quickly realized that schools provide a basic education and are actually sophisticated laboratories for indoctrinating the masses into a mindset that eventually leads us into covert enslavement and planetary destruction. If we need to state that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 to pass our test, and in actuality Americas Vaspucci, the Vikings, Greeks, and Chinese discovered it significantly beforehand, then this is but one example of the school system saying "do what we say, and you’ll get ahead”. The truth doesn't matter to them. Again, this is dictatorial and insane at best. This is but one example, THERE ARE MANY! How many potentially brilliant people are out there starving because they don't accept "the lie"? Are they closer to God’s love? Are their discernment skills sharper? Since their “sell out” margin is above the global average, could we presume so?

In 1993 several friends and I started a mid to high end collectables firm. We grossed about $ 2,000,000 between 1993 and 1997. Things were going very well. Life was great. All the organic food and supplements we wanted, three vacations a year, cars, boats, planes, real estate, you name it. Then we decided to give back to our country.

We started a nationwide crisis counseling and personal development network; People helping people get through difficult times and eventually becoming more positive and more productive.

Then I wrote and released "Handbook for Global Prosperity" and went on TV to address Issues plaguing our world. I also presented solutions that would significantly increase the quality of life for all, including employment opportunities based on healing and preserving, instead of killing destroying, and enslaving (as is and has been the policy of the present satanic regime).

Suddenly I realized that it wasn't how smart you are or how good of a businessman you appear to be. If you threaten the system, almost by magic, your quality of life ENDS! Modesty aside, I have ran businesses at a higher level of efficiency and profit than most "successful" proprietors or executive staff members have, and with a higher degree of loyalty. I still maintain friendships with several former employees and colleagues that I have had the privilege to work with over the past 15 + years. They have all been assets.

Show me a man that has a successful business, and I'll show you a man that is not a threat to the establishment. Better yet, show me a man that is involved directly or indirectly with the destruction and enslavement of our world, and I'll show you a man with a bigger bank account. The defense industry is a prime example of this, there are many.

At present, the government has spent trillions on every conceivable, and inconceivable, chemical, biological, electronic, nuclear, anti-proton, death machine you could imagine. Yet by comparison, little is spent on preserving and implementing policies that truly protect and preserve our most valuable resource, the Earth and its life giving resources. This is criminally insane by the definition of any sane society. If we act soon, significant environmental reparations can be made.

Here's a little test that you can perform to verify the validity of the previous statement. If you or anyone you know of "status" wishes to help stop the atrocities bestowed upon our world, arrange a meeting, preferably public, to address solutions and if possible, assistance, to expand our most necessary mission. Find a team with a better plan and we will step aside. If you can not, contact us to see what you can do in your area.

Millions are donated each day to "worthy" causes that do little if anything to stop atrocities plaguing our world. "If you cut off the tail of the serpent, it will grow back". "You must remove the head". We always focus on the cause, not just the result. This is imperative to getting the job done.

Since Christians have had more than their share of unjust beheadings, you would assume that they would be first in line to avenge the satanic executions of their brethren, or at least implement “Christian right of self defense”. In fact, the hierarchy of "the church" has been taken over by some every evil forces.

I also have a little challenge to all that seek to discredit or downplay our role in the reparation of our nation. If anyone has more viable solutions to issues plaguing our world than our team, I/We will always seek to unite and follow the team with the best plan. Through the Grace of God, we have never lost a public forum.

In the solutions section of this report, we present approximately 10 % of the solutions we have researched and have on file. When you review this section please ask yourself, how many political organizations in your lives have presented, or has/had the intestinal fortitude to challenge the establishment to present the real issues to the people of this great country, and present solutions of this magnitude? Show us a better plan or join us. It's that simple. Do nothing and that's exactly what you'll end up with, possibly worse.

"In order to evil to prosper, all it takes is for good people to do nothing".

The following is an outline of my experiences during my fight for the rights and freedoms of our great nation. Even though I have sacrificed many things including my quality of life and family home of 28 years in defense of our nation, I will continue as long as God gives me strength, and there are people worth fighting for in our great country.

Do not be discouraged. The message is not join us and be compromised. The message is join us and restore our country to where it needs to be. Don’t believe the lie. It’s not too late!

In 1997 several colleagues and I created the Citizens Committee for Restructured Government (C.C.R.G.). We exposed many of the atrocities that are plaguing our world and provided many solid solutions through our Long Island New York public access program.

In July of 2003 I had my family home of 28 years stolen.

In May of 2004 I was "set-up" and thrown in prison in direct violation of our nation's constitution. More details are available upon request.

In July of 2004 I was released.

In May of 2005 the true battle for our freedoms continues.

It is a truly uninformed mind that views war as the solution to "the economy" and overpopulation. "Thinning out the herds" (humans) in this manner, is reminiscent of Nazi eugenics programs, NOT ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS.

We are being led into neo-paganism, Nazism, and Satanism, by forces too hideous and evil for most to comprehend.

There is a better way. Together we can experience it...

What unites us is more important than what divides us.

John Nicholson, President: 631-741-1757

Letters from Colleagues of John Nicholson


"We don't hide, They Do!"

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