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The Franklin Cover-Up

How do you think the American public would feel about our government if they realized that they are concealing and covering up the fact that high level officials are involved with the ritualistic murder and prostitution of children?
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Judge awards victim $1,000,000 in compensatory damages to Paul Bonacci, victim of sex abuse cover-up by government officials. Learn more here.

Read the studies about the deadly effects of cell phones and EMFs: 

ImagePriority Environment Concerns
that demand our implementation:

1. Our Oxygen levels on planet earth are depleting from toxic waste/nerve gas dumping in the ocean which kills the plankton which provide 70% of earth's oxygen by the US ARMY and CORPORATIONS. The other 30%, is from old-growth forests and rainforests which are being cleared at dozens of acres PER SECOND. We are already beginning to see the effects of low-level oxygen levels with short term memory loss which is affecting 100% of the population - I'm sure you experience it too lately. In an estimated 7-10 years, we will see humans start to SUFFOCATE and die off in front of our faces from dangerously low oxygen levels unless do something about it.

2. Oil and fossil fuels fund war, conflict, and pollution. My organization is working to put the fossil fuel companies OUT OF BUSINESS. When we have fossil-fuel-free energy devices ready to go, the inventors and entrepreneurs keep GETTING KILLED when they refuse to sell their patents to the oil companies and try to market the stuff. These people need BODYGUARDS AND 24 hour intelligence surveillance in order to free the world from oil and fossil fuels. See our section on energy solutions.

3. Genetically Modified Foods NEED TO BE BANNED AND MONSANTO NEEDS TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS. They created "terminator" seeds that mean that farmers can't SAVE THEIR SEED and have to keep buying seeds from Monsanto, who now own MOST OF THE WORLD'S FOOD SUPPLY. These varieties are spreading through pollen and cross-pollinating THE GLOBE. There is NO ESCAPE unless you grow your food in a greenhouse. Even Organic farms are being contaminated. Then Monsanto sue the organic farmers for "patent infringement" and put them out of business. (Watch The Future of Food) The ability to patent nature/life was a bad decision by the Supreme Court and is immoral and had led to this whole takeover.
Farmers who spray pesticides should not get trillions of our tax-dollars in subsidies and money to not grow food. We should promote ORGANIC food production.

4. The Environmental Toxins, Poor Nutrition, and Dehydration of our nation is
causing one in two Americans to DIE OF CANCER. By 2020, this number will increase to one in one Americans who do not die of accidents like homicides, etc,,, WILL DIE OF CANCER. We need to put the PESTICIDE, TOXIC WASTE, & PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES OUT OF BUSINESS. The number 1 poison we are all exposed to as Americans on a DAY-TO-DAY basis in ADDED TO OUR WATER and we drink it, cook in it, and shower in it everyday. Why aren't these environmental groups working to ban Fluoride from our water supply? The government has a plan to increase fluoride from 66+% of public tap water to 75% by 2010. Also, we have the (natural) cures for cancer yet our guys get killed or put out of business if they ever tried to tell anyone. (Alex Jones' research on Fluoride, Fluoride

5. Our government is spraying through military aircraft "Chemtrails" which labs confirmed to have heavy metals like barium and aluminum, known immune suppressants linked to many diseases. We are also seeing a horrific skin disease "Morgellons" sprout up around the nation in the same areas where the most of this spraying occurs.
(German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations)

6. Electropollution from Cell Phones and Wireless Internet is going to lead to an epidemic of diseases. The World Health Organization and other European countries recognize this threat and even allow insurance companies to diagnose and cover health devices caused by these sources. More info to be added TBA.

Environmental groups, and political candidates need to start addressing THESE MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL CRISES WE ARE FACING. If you find any who want to join the sane minority and want to do something about the problem , contact us immediately at 631-741-1757

The government needs to be put on trial for "Criminal Insanity" for destroying the 4 most important things WE ALL NEED TO SURVIVE:

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government


Fluoride Video:


Chemtrails Video:


Electropollution Video:

Cancer Cures Suppressed (full video here):


CCRG  RECOMMENDATIONS                                        Present regime/  


                                                                                                  (same entities) 


The peaceful and necessary de-thronement of the present regime.




Creating many jobs through non GMO reforestation and oceanic purification.





Plankton farming and reintroduction into oceans.







For the price of 2 space shuttle missions we could repair our ozone layer. (Professor Al Wong UCLA)





We could create many jobs in atmospheric healing sciences.





We must promote, encourage, and expand upon organic food production.




They kill people with our best interests in mind and manipulate elections, including presidential.



They kill our oceans and rainforests. The current environmental policies are criminally insane.    





Ocean dumping companies pay $ 25k / day in fines. The same companies make $10,000,000 a day to dump. This includes PCB’s, and other deadly waste. Experts theorize we will all suffocate within 10 years if this insanity is not stopped. Oxygen deprivation is already contributing to global memory loss and increased illness.



Through the continued use of CFC’s, chlorine, several other organohalogens and secret military projects (H.A.A.R.P. etc.) the protective atmospheric layers of our planet are being destroyed including our ionosphere.



They destroy the economy and sell us out to foreign interests. When our economy is compromised, many join the military. Satan, excuse me, I mean our government then makes $ 1,000,000,000 +, that’s over a billion dollars a day on the blood of our children. Many foolishly believe that this is the best way for us all.


They make “frankenfoods” by splicing in virus and bacterium genes into animals and produce that contribute to everything from health problems to global genetic and behavioral modification. Do not believe the lies on why “this must be done”.



Our health systems must work with nature and our physiology. Many jobs could be created in homeopathy and help us to unite with the Native American community which was robbed by the white man over 200 years ago. A much more profitable, beneficial, and moral way than building casinos. Native Americans please note and call our office for details.







Many jobs will be created with safe alternative energy methods that will be utilized for both commercial and residential use.




We believe in true National Security. There are many methods for a sane and efficient national defense system.





Bio-remediation – the science of introducing enzymes, chemistry, and protons to neutralize “toxic dumping areas”, including nuclear waste. Many jobs in this expanding industry.

They give us vaccinations that contain aborted human fetuses, mercury, and cultures from diseases. This is not the best way to build our immune systems and wipe out disease. This is reminiscent of Nazi, Mengele eugenics programs that are designed to kill off “undesirables”, not suited for the “borgening” of the people of Earth. At present the CIA has the cure for nearly all illness including organ replacement. The benefits of cloning and stem cell research are for the masons and their satanic brethren for purposes of life extension. The average American does not benefit although WE PAY FOR IT !!! ONCE AGAIN WE ARE PAYING THEM TO LIVE WELL AND ENJOY LIFE WHILE WE SUFFER AND LET THEM KILL OUR CHILDREN !!!


They want to make us think that oil, coal, and nuclear is the “only game in town”. They charge us insane prices for fuels, destroy the environment, send us off to war, kill our children and then raise the price of gas to a record high!!!



They spend TRILLIONS on enough chemical, biological, nuclear, and anti-proton weaponry to destroy the Earth 100+ times. Guess what? By comparison, very little is spent on environmental defense. Again, insanity of the highest order.



They have turned our world into a sewer with nuclear waste. The government has buried nuclear waste near several aquifers that supply native and non-native American communities. Leaks have occurred causing severe birth defects in these surrounding areas.

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