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Attention All Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Civilian Personnel :

You have all sworn / vowed an oath to defend our nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Our government is guilty of treason of the highest order.  We have many examples, and request a public forum if anyone requires proof. 

The rape of our children, environment, and nation by our criminally insane leaders must be stopped. C.C.R.G. proposes a constitutionally sound plan to unite all members of military, law enforcement, intelligence, and civilian personnel to neutralize the criminally insane who are destroying our world, and implement the necessary philosophies, technologies, and economics to help save it. 


Contact us as soon as possible to begin this necessary implementation.  Our planetary oxygen supply is being destroyed, our water supply is poisoned and fluoridated, and our foods are being genetically modified with viruses capable of manipulating our minds and genome. 

My colleague, former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp, has lost many colleagues in the battle to stop horrific crimes against children, a.k.a. The Franklin Cover-up, Cathy O'Brien, The McMartin Case, etc...
This is a call to action to any and all to neutralize the criminally insane who are destroying our world, and implement what is necessary to save it.  Unite / Join Us, ASAP.

External entities are manipulating our website.  Please forgive our appearance.  Any questions, comments, or inquiries, contact our office anytime.

God Speed.


Watch John Nicholson Speaking at the

"Free Your Mind" Conference:

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John Nicholson on the "TradCatKnight" talk show
w/ host Eric Gajewski

John Nicholson on the "Nature of Reality" talk show
w/ host Andrew Fisher

John Nicholson on the talk show:
"The Ladies Room"
Part 1

John Nicholson on the talk show:
"The Ladies Room"
Part 2

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On a level few can comprehend, madmen have positioned nuclear, chemical, biological, and other insane weapons all around the world!!

The election process is a farce, there is no freedom, only perceived freedom, we are all slaves to an evil and secret society with deep affiliations to the oil, drug, and weapons cartels.

The government is definitely afraid of the people rising up and taking back what is rightfully theirs!!

Remember - there are over 6,000,000,000 people on the world, of which less than 3000 control everything. What if we all came together under the right leadership? Then the secret societies wouldn't stand a chance!

There are also natural remedies to many of the diseases that mainstream medicine says "can't" be cured. This e-book contains some of these natural remedies that will help in maintaining your health within this satanic regime.

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Please send our site information to ALL , as we are one of the very few and rare solution oriented teams. We are not here to just discuss/talk about the real issues plaguing our world. We are here to implement REAL solution.

All public forums and challenges welcome and encouraged.

If you truly want to help our world, join us!

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TWO PARTY SYSTEM SCAM  by John Nicholson

The Republican and Democratic parties were the first two major political parties started in our nation. What was the name of America’s first 3rd party?

The reason why many of you may not be able to answer this question is not an accident. Our enemies created two major tyrannical and treasonous political parties in our country that are primarily focused upon to this day.

The CCRG is proud to announce the resurrection of the Anti Freemasonic party. This party was our nation’s first 3rd political party, which was targeted and destroyed in the 1830s’ by Freemasonry because they stood in the way of Freemasonic tyrannical political systems. Perhaps it is time to bring back something that was destroyed by our enemies, who still exist and compromise our world today. Perhaps the time has come to end the satanic/demonic Democratic and Republican ( a.k.a. Freemasonic / Satanic ) parties.

One definition of insanity, as stated by Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. There is no Republican or Democratic party. They are both Satanists / Freemasons. That’s why with the system we currently have, no matter who gets in, the destruction is always the same -- the rape and murder of children, the destruction of our environment, and the fall of our economy.

Stop rioting in the streets, and empowering our enemies. Join with us in an alignment with law enforcement, police, and civilian forces for a real counter intelligence, surgical precision strike, a.k.a. “no-win” scenario for our enemies.

Let us join together to get our country back on track again, it’s time for action and change. To see what you can do to help our country, both on a micro and macro scale, contact our team TODAY.


An Important Message from The C.C.R.G.

Have you ever wondered...  why in the past 50 + years not one presidential or political candidate has publicly stated that one of the top priorities of their political policies  is to eliminate fossil fuel consumption, implement  methods that will eliminate fossil fuel dependency and destruction, as well as create millions of desperately needed new jobs ?

The corruption runs deeper than many can conceive.  We are willing to take the risks but we need your help. 

My Fellow Americans, Our world is in peril. We must unite to implement solutions now. The criminally insane are in control of our world. Things must be done immediately.

At present our governments have positioned enough nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons around the globe to destroy everything at least a hundred times.  Children and decent families are murdered each day to perpetuate a lie that must be eliminated.

The real enemy keeps us impoverished and at war with each other, so that we do not unite against “them”.  

The following are just a few of the priorities our team wishes to implement immediately.

1.  The elimination of fossil fuels within our society.

2.  The creation of millions of new jobs in environmental and social healing sciences.

3. The implementation of real homeopathic health care not disease management which consumes billions and perpetuates suffering on a massive scale.

4. Implementation of energy technologies that have been systematically suppressed for decades.

5. The creation of  a civilian intelligence oversight committee.  Stopped by   former director of the  FBI as well as other Masonic special interest groups, during the Clinton administration

6. At present, part of the First Amendment to our Constitution is Freedom of speech. Freedom of Religion is acceptable providing that the ceremonies, rituals, and practices do not include enslavement, ritual abuse, torture, blood sacrifice, and other infringements upon the rights of human beings, animals, and our planet.  We propose a vote on this amendment by the American people as soon as possible.

Regarding The Second Amendment: The Right to Bear Arms, let the record show that the religion of many of our top government leaders is Freemasonry. Their religion includes the rape and murder of children and our nation. They have NO right attempting to disarm us or violate our Second Amendment rights in any way. They have stolen our finances and resources and have built enough, nuclear, chemical, and biological death weapons to kill us all hundreds of times. They have no right to violate our Second Amendment rights in any capacity.

In simpler terms: They have no right attempting to disarm us while they spend trillions on weapons that could destroy our world for no sane or civilized purpose . Would you give up your weapons to entities that are criminally insane, guilty of treason, and whose religious rituals include the systematic rape and murder of children?

 7.  The implementation of beneficial technologies and economics  that will help to ensure the survivability, sustainability, and prosperity of present and future generations.

We must be willing to expose the real issues that are plaguing our world and implement the real solutions to help save it.

Please pray for our protection.  

We are the ones that our enemies work diligently to suppress.

We have a global challenge to any individual or organization that has more solutions than the CCRG, to present them in a public forum, or join US.

We can not let the lie continue or follow a sub-standard or appeasement plan.

Join / help the CCRG today

We’re not here to just talk about the problem.

If you have any questions please contact our office anytime:

Constituent Videos


Phillip B.

Veronica B.

Adam V.


ImageA letter from Lifetime Long Islander, former Congressional Candidate, and CCRG President:


Dear All,

My Name is John Nicholson. I head up a team of diverse research and solution personnel called the Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government.

We are confident that we provide many simple yet profound solutions to the issues plaguing our world.

On the video clip at the top of the page, to your right, you will see a series of technologies like an electromagnetic engine car, a car that runs completely on water and other means of  "free" electricity invented by Nikola Tesla and others, that if we were allowed to produce and market (absent the hitmen and mafia hired by our secret government), our country would be energy independent and we would help solve a big part of the pollution crisis. We can also create many new conducive eco-friendly jobs. For an entire century, these technologies have been suppressed.

Our nations health decisions are corrupted. The healthcare system has become unaffordable, and is going bankrupt. An entire one-sixth of our entire economy is based on disease-management with drugs and surgery! Shouldn't the primary focus be on health, nutrition, immune system building, proper hydration, and other preventative (affordable) and restorative approaches that actually fix the underlying cause of the problem? As Dr. Lorraine Day, an ex-medical school Vice Chair and Chief of Orthopedic Surgery who cured herself of terminal breast cancer naturally without drugs and surgery has phrased, "Diseases Don't Just Happen!"

For almost one hundred years, the Medical Mafia has censored the cures for cancer and other diseases we and our loved ones become afflicted with. We are fortunate that many wonderful health alternatives exist, yet the playing field is not fair. Due to American Medical Association (AMA) regulations, a doctor will get his license taken away, and often times prosecuted, if he recommends a method for cancer other than chemotherapy and surgery. This is the same for other diseases as well. We are not criticizing all doctors; we are just acknowledging that no matter how "good" they are to you - they are not willing to lose their job and go to jail for you.

Listen To John Nicholson as a Guest on Achieve Radio:

Two million Iraqi civilians have been killed in the (most recent) Iraq war and occupation. Yet when are we going to leave? We have spent Trillions of dollars maintaining our empire with our military in 130 countries around the world. Our soldiers themselves are being jeopardized with secret deadly vaccinations, and thousands are being killed on the battlefield. Our veterans are often homeless or in poverty, along with many millions of hard-working Americans. It's time we scale down our nations empire, stop taxing people so much, and stop our government from frivolous and insane spending! One simple solution is to shut down the federal reserve system, this would limit the amount of money the government can spend, ending inflation while reducing the power and corruption of the federal government. If you are ignorant as to the issues surrounding "The Fed", please take the time to research the controversy surrounding this institution of private banks who control and manipulate our economy.

The government is adding Fluoride, a known carcinogen and EPA registered environmental toxin banned in many countries entirely, to our drinking water and "for some odd reason" wants to up the dosage.

The genetic code of the planet is being contaminated by cross-species genetically engineered organisms, our food supply is threatened by genetically engineered "terminator seeds", and the honeybees that pollinate our agricultural crops are dying off en mass. 

The list of environmental atrocities sanctioned by our government is quite horrific and compelling; you can read a full list here.

By far, the most immediate threat to our existence - and no, it's not global warming folks - is this: The insane elite that run the world are killing us by destroying the oceanic plankton. Plankton provides over 70% of the Earth's oxygen supply. Ocean dumping companies pay $25,000 a day in fines to dump garbage and toxic/nuclear waste into our oceans. In contrast, they make $25 Million dollars a day to dump. Rainforests provide approximately 30%. Under present criminally insane economic systems, the destruction will not stop. Adverse effects are already showing up in the form of memory  loss, thought processing efficiency, and logistical thinking. From present calculations, we have just 7-10 years left before we all suffocate.

Many of the large environmental groups and politicians seem to keep the debate focused solely on global warming and recommend putting up a couple of windmills while ignoring the documentable fact that people are killed who attempt to market cars that run on water or magnets.

Faced with the evidence of how we are being killed and our nation is being turned into slaves, what are we supposed to do, wave daisies and write our congressman??? A FULL 95% of the nation was against the "Wall Street Banker Bailout" yet it still passed, and still $5 TRILLION dollars was spent in the process - but we are still waiting for people to be helped. When are we going to get our "bailout"? We propose at least a one year moratorium on mortgage payments, as well as a shift in military and defense spending, to programs designed to heal and restore our nation. More healing, LESS insane death weapons.

Do you agree ?

CCRG Founder & President John Nicholson
on Public Access TV (Forward 5:30 mins in):

Bottom line: I represent a growing national constituency that wants solution; not appeasement scams like you hear so often from politicians. Hybrid cars are a joke! If every American obtained one tomorrow, and doubled their fuel economy, what's stopping the oil companies from doubling the price of gas? ...Nothing.

Our nations only Catholic President, John F. Kennedy, decided to shut down the Federal Reserve with an executive order, and disclose all CIA activities to the public. Presidents who dared to turn against the establishment like he did were assassinated. Eighty percent of America believe there was a conspiracy involving the JFK assassination. The system has been engineered to stop viable candidates that are well intentioned, from getting into public/political office.

However, in the November 1992 election, Billionaire Ross Perot, by some miracle, broke through the two-party matrix and came forward with solid economical solutions. He also was the only candidate who spoke in opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), urging voters to listen for the "giant sucking sound" of American jobs heading south to Mexico, should NAFTA be ratified. It is clear he was correct! Ross was a billionaire and could not be bought. At one point in June 1992, Perot led the polls with 39% (versus 31% for Bush and 25% for Clinton). Many Democrats and Republicans conceded that Perot won at least the first debate. Our intelligence reveals that they threatened to kill Ross Perot's wife and children. He was still officially running on ballots and ultimately received 19% of the popular vote. 

Assassinations and threats are a re-occurring tactic that seems to be a wonderful tool to maintain control, and silence people with solutions. For those reasons, I have vowed not to wed or have children until our world is restored to some level of sanity and sustainability.

We live in a nation where our elections are compromised and often rigged, our legislative process is based on bribery (corporate "campaign contributions"), and our judicial system often ignores justice, the Constitution, and people's rights - effectively making them kangaroo courts.

Therefore, we propose that the best means to Re-structure our Government is in the Courtroom of Public Opinion. Once the American people hear our witnesses testify regarding government treason and government-sponsored child prostitution rackets, many politicians and businessmen in Washington and elsewhere, fearing public outrage, may actually go into hiding or flee the country (and go back to hell where they came from).

 I have had numerous attempts on my life, and it's only through divine intervention that I am still alive. We must implement what is necessary to free our nation and heal our world

Please learn about what you can do to help us.

Please take the time to evaluate our noble and holy mission. We try to present as much documentation on this site, without revealing our inside sources. Any attempts to disprove any claim made by us should be done so publicly.

Present a better plan or join CCRG. You are either with us or with the enemy. If you disagree, present a public forum with as many of your friends, family, and constituents, and observe the result. Treason and slavery is not an option in our belief system.
Hopefully you will agree!

John Nicholson
Citizens Committee for Restructured Government


"We don't hide, They Do!"


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This site is dedicated to all of those who have lost their lives trying to bring the truth
to light, as well as expose the real issues plaguing our world, and the solutions to help
save it.

We pray for those in law enforcement and military who are demonically possessed and are, at present, betraying our nation and it's people.

We pray that Our Lord will remove the scales/beam from your eyes, so that you may join our team to eliminate the criminally insane that are raping children and destroying our world. The implementation of necessary philosophies, technologies, economics, and waste management systems is our primary focus. Hopefully it is yours as well.

If you agree join us! God Speed.



Total Energy Independence

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to Pluto and back. Why are we
 still burning dinosaur meat?


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Unclassified Document
US Government Plan to
Hijack Planes, Kill
Americans, And Use False
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